Overwatch to Probably See the Light of eSports

 Overwatch to Probably See the Light of eSports

The eSports industry has grown substantially over the past decade and it continues to spread without a stop. The industry is currently worth around $700 million and is expected to rise to $2 billion by 2018. The net worth of eSports is definitely increasing, but what is more important is the culture.

Esports culture is being encouraged by gamers and fans. The Culture has received major boosts with the entry of large organizations and even celebrities wanting to invest. No doubt, eSports has received the sort of spotlight it deserves.

That said, eSports would not be a thing had it not been for the companies that make the games. It is up to these companies to bring their own games up to a standard that can withhold its integrity on a global scale. Blizzard has been one of these, having made one of the original eSports games, StarCraft.

After Overwatch was released, most fans have been waiting for official announcements that will bring the game to the eSports platform. Currently, the shooter holds smaller scale tournaments that are mostly community created.

To shed a rather bright light on the situation, Blizzard employee Kim Phan has updated her Twitter with a status calling for people to apply to a certain job position.

“We just added another esports job posting on @BlizzardCareers – Looking for a Project Manager for Overwatch Esports: http://blizzard.com/company/careers/posting.html?id=160008E …”

Blizzard had a little while back, made it pretty clear that Overwatch stands more than a shot at coming to the eSports platform. There is more certainty after they acquired MLG, giving them decent leverage and platform assets to carry through.

On top of that, the Twitter update suggests that Blizzard already has an eSports wing for Overwatch. Why they are taking their time to make an official announcement and carry out tests is beyond us. Maybe they are waiting for some sort of big opportunity and bring Overwatch in a pretty heavy way.

For now, however, we can keep our hopes for the next BlizzCon. Due to the fact that they are already hiring for the wing, November should be ample time for Blizzard to set up shop properly.

Saad Usmani

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