Overwatch Might Get a Piece of the E-League Pie

 Overwatch Might Get a Piece of the E-League Pie

Counter-Strike (CS) has been the initial denotation of the competitive first person shooter classification in eSports. It is one of the most exciting eSports to watch, however, it is now an old-fashioned western standoff.

Currently, CS has escalated in terms of popularity and reach as many competitions are being sold and new viewership records on streaming platforms are being set, many players are signing up on the Steam Platform in order to comprehend their abilities as well. At present, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is known to take competitive video games and eSports to the next level with it being introduced at the E-LEAGUE.

Furthermore, Blizzard’s new, and perhaps last, extraordinary attempt at creating a multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, is a welcome sign of hope for longtime gamers who are accustomed to a fiasco.

Although only the beta is out at the moment, it has already gained a lot of acceptance and demand. The core competency of Overwatch is that its comic like; the game-play is faster, there are different sort of guns, gadgets, and various game-play formats.

Since aesthetics play a big role in the success of a game, Overwatch’s anime style graphics, sleekness, and fastness counts as a plus point as well; this game might be a salvage for Blizzard after all.

As it’s known, CS: GO has been a huge and vital part of E-LEAGUE since it initiation. Recent rumors from twitter and other social media website show that E-LEAGUE is likely to expand to Overwatch in its second season of 2016. This is mainly because of the game being an upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter which is highly likely to be successful.

At Turner’s current conference, a Sports panel at the South by Southwest festival, a former League of Legends professional Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis updated on twitter live that E-LEAGUE is likely to return with Overwatch as its next game.

This isn’t actually an out-of-the-blue news because back in December 2015, the Turner sports Executive VP Craig Barry sort of gave the hint of Overwatch being the second game for E-LEAGUE after CS:GO.

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