Overwatch Gets Another Tournament

 Overwatch Gets Another Tournament

Since the launch of Overwatch, the first person shooter has been receiving quite some spotlight. Being a unique blend of MOBA and shooter games, Overwatch is all set to come on to the eSports platform in a big way. Currently, the game boasts a handful of small scale tournaments hosted by organizations. Yet another tournament has been announced. BaseTradeTV has decided to launch its own Overwatch tournament, going by the name of OnlyWatch.

The current scenario of tournaments being held for Overwatch have small prize pools starting from $200 going up to about $1000. Although larger organizations have their eyes set on the first person shooter for investment, it is going to be a while for it to evolve to eSports level.

The OnlyWatch tournament is the first of its kind, featuring a Control only tournament with a prize pool of $510 plus.

The games will kick off on 7th April, 10:00 PDT and teams from all over the world will go head to head for the win. The prize pool is a mere $510 but can be increased through Matcherino donations. The prize money is to be divided among the top 4 teams that make it through the stages. In addition to the cash prize, the team right at the top will receive 6 Corsair Headsets and Blizzard Overwatch hats.

The format of the tournament is a simple single elimination with all Bo3 rounds until the grand finals begin. The finals will be Bo5. Although the tournament is open for teams all across the globe, the servers are held in Europe and players will have to use their Battle.net IDs to sign up for the tournament.

This is a brilliant platform for rising talent and teams to get their hands dirty by competing against players from all over the world.

Saad Usmani

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