Orgless no Longer Organization-less

 Orgless no Longer Organization-less

After quite a lot of crashing here and there, Orgless has found an organization that they can count on for their sponsorship. The roster will now be stepping up on tournaments and cups for Escape Gaming.

Escape Gaming announced the acquisition of Orgless gaming recently. The squad was formed Andre ‘BARBARR’ Moller, and includes players from other parts of Europe. The European mix has been without a sponsor for quite a while now since they said their goodbyes to PixelFire in February.

It is difficult for an eSports team, particularly in a game like CS:GO, to be able to go big without a proper sponsor. Especially now that the eSports scene has gone bigger than ever and growing steadily. Thankfully however, Orgless were able to make a decent deal with a decent organization to help them get to their long-term goals.

Other than the big news, Orgless have also made a few roster changes. Benjamin ‘tabu’ Vangstrup was dropped out of the squad since he had school commitments. Tabu got replaced later on by SKYTTEN, but he decided to leave the team since his goals did not coincide with that of the team’s. To replace him, they are trying out a Swedish player, Fredrik ‘slap’ Junbrant.

Escape Gaming have officially announced on their website, that the new squad will be playing in quite a few tournaments like Operation: Kinguin 2, Uprise Champions Cup 4, and Rising Stars Europe.

“We are extremely excited to announce the signing of former “Orgless” to the Escape Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. We see a huge amount of potential in this line-up and are happy to provide the support that they need to aim high and reach the next level; we have some big goals ahead of us and everyone is motivated to compete and play their best. It’s been a rocky path for the team but we’re ready to weather any storm and give these guys a stable home for the future.” An official statement Escape Gaming.

Saad Usmani

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