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OpTic Gaming Channel Up and Running After Donald Trump Redirect Fixed

OpTic Gaming and Trump’s imaginary partnership did not last long.

As promised, the OpTic Gaming website is back up and directs the user to their YouTube channel where it is supposed to. People looking forward to what CEO Hector Rodriguez has in store for the organization, still need to wait a while longer for the big reveal. 4 months back the website uploaded a video tour of the new OpTic Scuff House; what else could be bigger than that?

The 11th of March, 2016 saw OpTic Gaming’s official website being redirected to Trump’s Twitter page. You would expect a gaming website to get redirected to an advertisement, a sister website, or even a different parent website. But none of us saw this one coming.

A few days back, Hector Rodriguez was talking about something big that was about to hit the eSports company. The Donald Trump sponsorship was not what the CEO had in mind, as he clearly stated in a Twitter update.

We’ve seen quite a lot of amusing bugs and gaffes pop up all over the internet, but this one has got to be one of most unusual ones. Nobody really knows why the redirect occurred. Probably just a bad joke on the part of a developer at OpTic, or maybe a rival organization decided to hack into their database and mess around a bit.

In any case, the people in charge at OpTic didn’t waste time in solving the problem.

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