Na’Vi Sent Back into Oblivion

 Na’Vi Sent Back into Oblivion

It was becoming a hugely popular notion that Natus Vincere’s recent wins in the DotA Pit 4 Lan Tournament meant that the team had risen again. They had been an all-time favorite of the fans. Could they be back in form? Apparently not. Na’Vi’s triumph was ashes and dust after losing against EG.

The match up against EG meant that Na’Vi could head on over to the next stage and potentially increase its chances of taking the tournament. Unfortunately, EG was not there to sit ducks. The match up was pretty close and intense, no doubt about that.

EG had a pretty good start in the first game, taking a few kills early on. Na’Vi was able to counter those and almost had the game tipped in their favor. However, EG was able to utilize its Drow and Visage combo to win a few good fights. This allowed them to grab the Aegis twice and wipe Na’Vi out to secure the win.

For some reason, Na’Vi’s picks were not able to synergize and their team fights suffered because of it. Ivan ‘Airstyle’ Antonov’s Chen allowed the team to stick together. They realized that between Glimpses and Suntrikes, they could pick up almost every hero of the opposing team. And so they did, securing the game for themselves.

The third game was quite intense. EG utilized proper warding in this game so that their Bounty Hunter had vision and could gank well. However, this backfired on them when Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis did not understand his position and was unable to pick up Na’Vi’s Chen and get ganks.

After this error, EG’s min Invoker had to take up the jungler role and Beastmaster had to paly safe rather than go offlane. This meant easy farming for Na’Vi and tipped the balance in their favor. However, in the end, EG was able to make a comeback after Na’Vi failed numerous smoke ganks because of Bounty Hunter’s vision.

EG took the game for themselves and will now face MVP Phoenix in the finals.

Saad Usmani

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