MVP Phoenix Loses Player to Military Service

 MVP Phoenix Loses Player to Military Service

It’s only been a few days since the DotA Pit Lan finals ended and Phoenix took the cup home. A stellar performance on the squad’s part helped the team hit a milestone its existence. Unfortunately for the team, Taewon ‘March’ Park, a substitute player, will be leaving in April to join his country’s military as a part of his obligatory duties.

At an interview at TI5, March announced that he would be leaving the squad to join the military in Korea for two years.

He had remained in Phoenix’s main lineup for quite a while, having played numerous tournaments. After the Frankfurt Major, the squad had decided to reshuffle, which landed March in a substitute position. He may or may not have become part of the Shanghai Major lineup for his team, but his chances were cut off entirely after he announced his departure.

In a later Twitter status update, the DotA 2 player said his farewells.

“Well guys I got my official enlist date to navy. Really going to army April 11th. See you guys in 2 years LOL”

March will be leaving on 11th April and return after two years. During that time Phoenix will have to do without a substitute player, or replace March’s role with another.

Despite the fact that March had not been a major part of the recent success that Phoenix enjoyed, he had been a valuable part of the team in certain ways. Given his experience, March had proven to be a decent pre-game strategist that the squad utilized. His advice was sound, particularly because he had enjoyed the position of captain during the early stages of Phoenix in 2013. When the team was a barely known Korean lineup, March had been there and has practically seen it rise to where it is now.

The Nexon sponshorship League had been one of the early tournaments that the group had taken part in, with March in the starting lineup. From that, to the TI5 finish at 7th – 8th place. That is more or less seeing a child grow.

March’s absence might not affect the team’s performance overall, but it will definitely hinder certain elements of planning a game out since that was his expertise.

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