MVP Phoenix Grab Spot at DotA Pit Finals

 MVP Phoenix Grab Spot at DotA Pit Finals

The Quarter Final match ups for the DotA Pit tournament were quite intense. The semifinals have not disappointed in that regard either. The first semifinal was between MVP Phoenix and Complexity Gaming.

In the first game, Complexity gaming picked up a rather decent Tiny and Wisp combination. The draft they had seemed to be better and it showed in the start of the game. Tiny and Wisp were able to grab two early kills for the team.

When the first team fight was launched, it initially looked like Complexity would take it with their advantageous draft. However, Phoenix did not give up and managed to trade two kills for two in the team fight. As soon as 10 minutes, the character builds were good enough for both teams to engage in team fights all across the map. In all of these, it was true that Complexity had a slight advantage, but Phoenix was able to stay steadfast.

Complexity was able to pick up the first Aegis, but at a heavy cost. They lost 4 players and the Aegis itself after defeating Roshan. That one really turned a few tables and Phoenix was able to rampage through half of Complextiy until they bought back into the game and ended Phoenix’s streak.

Phoenix was able to grab the second Aegis, ready to take on another lane. Nature’s Prophet was able to carry the last team fight and Phoenix won the game.

Complexity entered the second game with hopes to balance things out. A few early skirmishes brought the game to 3-3 until team fights began. During one of these team fights, Pheonix was able to ace Complexity.

They grabbed the first Aegin after the fight and pushed a lane, destroying most of it. Complexity was unable to defend. Persistently weak, Complexity lost their second game and Phoenix took the series 2 to 1.

Saad Usmani

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