LoL NA Gets First Taste of Hextech Crafting

 LoL NA Gets First Taste of Hextech Crafting

The 2016 preseason update had boasted a multitude of changes. In-game elements along with interface makeovers had been due, and we’ve seen them brought in one by one. The match making and champion pick UI has received a total makeover. We have to say it looks fantastic. However, now it’s time for some of the more significant additions. The much anticipated Hextech Crafting system is now live on the NA servers.

For a quick recap, the Hextech Crafting system is pretty much based on the DotA 2 chest and keys system. What makes LoL’s version stand out is the inclusion of Champion Mastery in the picture. The rarity and amount of chests depends on level of Champion Mastery that a player has.

Lobbying up in parties and playing as a premade team increases the chances of earning chests and keys. If you or a player on your premade team gets an S after the game, everyone will be rewarded with a chest. A player is limited to 4 chests for each month. Game wins also increase the chances of earning keys that will open the chests.

For obvious reasons, players who wish to have more than 4 chests may purchase them in the store.

Chests gained through Hextech Crafting carry numerous rewards ranging from skins and champions to shards and essence that can be used to craft other items. This seems like a decently engaging system that will serve as a comic relief from the grueling battles on the Rift. Also, something to look forward to after a game ends, instead of flame comments from the opposing team and sometimes even your own.

When Hextech Crafting launches on a server that you play on, your account will receive a free chest that may include a skin shard, a ward skin, or essence. Let’s just pray the system does not go back into hiatus after testing in the NA servers.

Saad Usmani

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