LGD Gets CS:GO Roster

 LGD Gets CS:GO Roster

More and more organizations have been stepping up into the eSports scene. Watching the current growth of the industry, eSports s steadily getting to the point where organizations will want to invest. Being part of a rising industry makes perfect sense. But before that can be done, you have to have a decent roster. LGD has been on the hunt for a CS:GO team for a while. Now, they have finally found a lineup worth signing and sending to the bigger platforms.

Since late last year, LGD has kept its eyes and ears open for traces of teams without organizational backing. The hunt began when a handful of Chinese eSports organizations announced that they will be expanding their horizons into the CS:GO scene. This meant that more teams will become unavailable and whoever wanted to get a piece of the CS:GO pie, had to act quickly. LGD lagged behind in this agenda, but now they have been to get a group of Chinese pro CS:GO players for themselves.

A former TYLOO member Xi ‘Karl’ Wang was picked up by LGD to spearhead their new team. The guy has quite a track record, with two consecutive WCG Regional wins under his belt, along with a handful of local tournament wins.

LGD made the announcement official on Twitter.

“Our CS:GO Roster is out! Say hello to Karl (Coach + Player), 9, traceFIRE, Sideny & kfcg!”

The LGD CS:GO roster looks something like this. Xi “Karl” Wang, Kai Tian “tracefire” Tang, Yi Da “9” Qiao, Wang Wen “kcfg” Ya, and Sun Xiao “sideny” Wen.

Let’s see what this new roster can pick up with another Major coming up soon.

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