Kennen: Surging Support

 Kennen: Surging Support

The little flipping ninja, has for the most part been utilized at the top lane. We have even witnessed an all AD build on Kennen as ADC in a few match-ups. This little guide will discuss the feasibility of Kennen for an unorthodox role as support.

Before you start raging, consider a few pointers. Kennen might be little, but he has massive poke ability. When we say massive, we mean extraordinarily massive. No one can deny the fact that a Mark of the Storm combined with Kennen’s W (Electrical Surge), causes a good deal of damage to most opponents. Enough to push them back or scare them a little.

Let’s just dive into a pretend match-up where you choose Kennen as support and your entire team hates you for it.

Initially, with Kennen as support, you want to be able to get as much gold as you can without taking any CS (minions) from your ADC. Get yourself a Spellthief’s Edge and poke the living crap out of the opposing ADC and support. This assumes the fact that your masteries and runes allow you a certain amount of AP by default. About 10 to 15 AP at level 1 should be fine until you have gold to spend.

You want to level your W at the get go. This is so that your pokes bring a Mark of the Storm on the opponent. After the mark you can cause heavy damage with your W. Make sure your ADC follows through with the pokes now and then, but don’t dive too deep.

The enemy ADC is usually squishy. A Mark on them will sufficiently reduce their hit points to make them retreat a bit, possibly missing a little CS. That’s good. Additionally, your ADC will feel a little confident about a poke now and then.

Next, get your Q (Thundering Shuriken). Although this is pretty hard to aim at enemy champions, you want this ability to fend off any counter attacks the opposing duo launches. How? You stun them from afar; the Q has a decent range. Remember, you want to keep your ADC safe, which is why you need the Q.

Obviously, the E (Lightning Rush) comes next. You want something to be able to escape a gank. Using Kennen’s E as support is a bit risky as it brings you closer to the opposing duo. You want to keep this ability for when you’re sure about launching an offensive.

Get up to level 5 before going back. Make sure your ADC is safe, head back, and start building into the Frost Fang. Increase your AP and head back. At level 6, with Kennen’s Ultimate (Slicing Maelstrom), he becomes close to unstoppable if you play your cards right.

Poke and poke some more until at least the ADC has a Mark. Use the bushes, get up close and launch at the enemy ADC or support with your E. Make sure you go through at least one enemy champion with your E before hitting W. This will stun either one, depending on who has 3 Marks. This is the part where your ADC needs to stop raging and step in to take the kills.

Immediately cast your Ultimate, stun the crap out of whoever has not been stunned yet and use your Q to grab the ADC that might be trying to get away.

Keep building through the Frost Fang and move on to a little cooldown reduction. Do not lose focus on your AP just because your team hates you. They will soon realize you’re invaluable in team fights with all your stuns.

Try this tiny guide out, it will definitely work if you know your Kennen well. We believe that any champion can be played anywhere, and metas are just getting really old to consider. Form new ones, or at least have some fun.

Saad Usmani

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