HotS Spring Global Championship in Seoul

 HotS Spring Global Championship in Seoul

Heroes of the Storm has had a handful of decently scaled tournaments and leagues all throughout the year. The MOBA is more or less like any other MOBA, except without the item building. This makes it the perfect game to provide a rather large, competitive platform. And that is exactly what is happening.

Battles were fought, blood was spilled, and now quite a few HotS teams have secured their positions atop the competitive ladder. Now it’s time to find out which squad is actually fit to be crowned the best HotS squad on a global scale, as world champion. The largest HotS event is going to be held this Spring in Seoul, South Korea.

12 of the top tier teams coming from a range of 8 regions all across the globe, will be going to head to head to call dibs on a rather large prize pool of $500,000. More importantly, the winning team will be given title and trophy of the best HotS team in the world. The tournament will launch on March 31st at 7:00 PM PDT.

The teams that have been brought in span from 8 regions. From China, eStar Gaming and EDward Gaming will be coming in. Latin America and North America will support Bog Gods, Cloud9, and Naventic as their teams. From the SEA, Renovatio I will be joining the ranks. Negative Synergy from Australia. Team Dignitas and mYinsanity from Europe. GIA from Taiwan. MVP Black and TNL from Korea.

Not a surprise to see MVP Black taking part in the championship. Their recent rampaging has turned quite a lot of heads. We would’ve expected a couple more teams from Europe but two will do fine as well.

All of these are the top teams in the world but only one of these teams will come out on top.

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