HotS Nova, Rehgar, Xul: Major Nerfs and Buffs

 HotS Nova, Rehgar, Xul: Major Nerfs and Buffs

A lot of people have been complaining that Xul is way too overpowered and needs to be toned down. In fact, you usually needed more than one hero to successfully fend off a Xul in-game. A recent balance patch announcement will see to the complains being resolved. Along with Xul, Nova will receive a step towards being restored to how she used to be before she was nerfed. Rehgar too will be tweaked to balance things out.

Xul will receive a major reduction in basic attack damage from 115 to 104. This in itself is a pretty big step down. To add to it, Xul’s Raise Skeleton trait will receive a bonus damage of 50% rather than the previous 100%. Spectral Scythe, which is his Q, saw a similar reduction in damage from 300 to 240, while the mana cost was increased slightly. Cursed Strikes’ attack speed slow effect was reduced to 40% from the previous 50%.

We’ve been told that Xul deals far too much damage to handle. After this patch, a balance should set it. Players using Xul will have to rely on a little more skill rather than just high raw damage.

Nova has steadily been receiving buffs for a while. This patch will see yet another subtle bump in her stats. Her overall health has been increased from 1,273 to 1,350, while regeneration has also slightly been pushed up. Her Q will now have a reduced cooldown and mana cost, while her W’s slow effects will be bumped up.

Rehgar’s R unfortunately will no longer be allowed to be self-cast. This might have a serious effect on how a lot of players use the support hero.

Saad Usmani

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