Harstem Takes Shanghai Home

 Harstem Takes Shanghai Home

After a grueling round against Jens ‘Snute’ Aasgaard, Harstem takes the Shanghai Major cup home. StarCraft World Championship Shanghai had been a brilliant set of games over the course of five days. Players from all over the globe had come in to test their mettle. Harstem was able to make his stand to the very end.

The open bracket battles took off initially, with the likes of Harstem, Snite, and TooDming, and Coffee leading the groups and getting to the end of the stage. After the open brackets, groups formed according to the amount of games a player had won. One such group had a Mongolian player who has pretty much devastating his group. He topped the group stages but was disqualified later from the cup.

The group stages went rather smooth, with the respective group leaders making it through to the Playoff stages. These saw a couple of upsets on the part of the underdogs that had made it through the group stages. In the end however, the Grand Finals saw Harstem take on Snute.

Snute had the advantage of a preferred role in the finals. This game him a little edge over Harstem. However, Harstem was able to more than just stand his ground. By the end of the rounds, he was able to literally destroy Snute 4 to 1.

Harstem went home with $16,000 and 1,000 WCS points.

Saad Usmani

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