Froggen Breaks LoL CS Record

 Froggen Breaks LoL CS Record

Any MOBA player, apart from the likes of HotS, would know how important it is to farm minions for gold. In a recent North American Championship Series match up, Froggen showed us just how important it is to farm.

The NA Championship had already seen a tremendous amount of upsets, ridiculously new playstyles and close calls. Week 8 saw a single game between two underdogs, Echo Fox and Dignitas. This match up made history when Henrik Froggen Hansen showed his brilliant farming skills. When the match ended, Froggen has earned North America the title for most CS in a League game.

We already knew that Froggen relies heavily on farming to beat his opponents. As such, it didn’t come as a surprise when the end of game stats showed that he had beaten the all-time world record of most CS in a game.

The game lasted 67 minutes, by the end of which Froggen had claimed a total of 874 minions. The number was boiled down to 764 minions after accounting for chained barrel minion kills with Gangplank. Even after that, 764 minions were 41 more than the previous record of 723, held by Shin CoCo Jin-Yeong.

The CS allowed Froggen to get pretty overpowered late game with Gangplank. He made quite a few kills and assists, eventually allowing Echo Fox to win an important match. The team now sits at a record 7th place with a 6-10 ratio. They can now fight for a spot at the North America LCS playoff to grab the Spring Championship at the end of the split.

The loss resulted in Dignitas sitting at 10th place with a 4-12 ratio, probably about to be relegated.

The last week of the LCS will see Echo Fox trying to hold on to their current spot and remain in the tournament.

Saad Usmani

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