Frodan Discusses New Hearthstone Formats In Yahoo Esports Interview

 Frodan Discusses New Hearthstone Formats In Yahoo Esports Interview

Dan “Frodan” Chou, a former StarCraft II caster who is currently managing Tempo Storm, joined Travis Gafford in the Yahoo Esports studio to discuss format changes happening in Hearthstone, the community response to it and an overview of Hearthstone’s 2016 competitive year.

In the interview with Travis, he begins with discussing his initial thoughts on the standard and wild formats introduced by Blizzard for Hearthstone. In his opinion, it is necessary to make changes to the game because if they just keep doing what they’ve always been doing, the game will turn stale and will suffer a slow death. In most card games, people pick out the few best cards and keep using them over and over again. Due to this the fun out of the game is lost, and it’s important to continue adding cards to Hearthstone to prevent that from happening.

For new players, the new formats are going to be quite daunting to buy six expansions and expect to play the game. There’s some controversy regarding Blizzard’s decision, and people are making public statements of displeasure towards Blizzard, but according to Frodan all of this will blow over soon. All in all, he thinks that these changes are very necessary to build diversity and maintain health of the game, because of the addition of more content. Due to this, these changes are good for new and old Hearthstone players alike.

Additionally, in the interview Frodan talks about the future of the competitive scene in Hearthstone. He claims that players need to be more vocal about what the good and bad features of the game, as it helps any developer to get a better idea of what the community wants so they can make better decisions. With the standard formats, about 150-200 cards will be rolled in every year which is exactly what the community needs. More content, more communication and more time.

Travis then asked Frodan about any important storylines in the Hearthstone eSports scene that are worth pointing out. As per Frodan, the most interesting development is the ability of players to show consistency over time. The biggest criticism against most card games is that it’s hard for players to maintain the same insane run they had. This can be seen in Poker and Magic: The Gathering. But in Hearthstone, it is quite possible for familiar faces to continue to stay in top ranks and repeat performances.

Vaneeza Sohail