Filipino Players Dominate GosuCup SEA 4

 Filipino Players Dominate GosuCup SEA 4

The Hearthstone GosuCup SEA 4 finished recently and it looks like the Philippines have decided to hog most of the top spots in the tournament. Not only did Hearthstone players from the Philippines take the top 3 of the 4 spots, they also snagged most of the prize pool.

At the end of the tournament, Filipino Hearthstone player Kambras grabbed the lion’s share from the $500 prize pool.

We already know that players from the Philippines have always been strong in most of the SEA tournaments. Usually, they end up among the top contenders alongside South Korea and Vietnam. This week however, the Filipinos wanted all the glory for themselves and chucked out South Korea and Vietnam, or any other player coming close to the top 4.

With 3 players out of the top 4, the Filipinos were able to take home $350 of the $500 prize pool. In addition to the prize money, 5 HCT points out of a total of 7, were also granted to the 3 Filipino players.

Kambra, also known as Adik, is a veteran Hearthstone player who was able to hold it out against and defeat the Indonesian newcomer who seemed to be dominating a few games. Krycekid was the name of the Indonesian player who had turned some heads at the GosuCup SEA 4.

Kamra had to go through quite a few well-known players, namely Zadkiel, Zexok, and Caracute.

Now that the 4th GosuCup is over, registrations for the 5th have already started. It would be exciting to see whether the Philippines will be able to stand on top of their mountain or be toppled over.

Saad Usmani

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