EU LCS Breakdown: Spring Final

 EU LCS Breakdown: Spring Final

After a grueling nine weeks of matches, the tables have settled and the final standings are pretty apparent. The European League Championship Series is concluding with quite a few upsets and unpredictability.

G2 Esports is ending the season sitting at the top of the tables. You might not have heard that name a lot, that is because this LCS was their debut. The newcomers upset the entire stage, setting off a ripple effect that pretty much hurled things over in the entire league. G2’s squad has claimed victory over most of the established LCS teams. Rookie Luka ‘PerkZ’ Perkovic has set his name in stone as one of the region’s best mid lane player in his first split. The team has earned probably the best seed into the playoffs.

H2K Gaming lost its edge in the LCS, particularly because of roster issues. The team faced quite a few problems, especially when their mid laner Yoo ‘Ryu’ Sang-ook was denied visa and could not make it to the games. Something like that is actually disastrous for team morale and chemistry, pretty much a game breaker. Despite everything though, H2K made it to second place for a sure shot seed into the semifinals.

Vitality seemed like they could make it to top two but were pushed down towards the end. They grabbed themselves the quarter final seed. They will have to face Fnatic who came 6th place. A lot of us would have liked to see Fnatic somewhere at the top. Tough luck.

Unicorns of Love and Origen remain at the other side of that upper bracket. While the bottom of the tables is occupied by Elements and Splyce. Team Roccat which almost got the bottom spot will be facing Team Huma who won the Challenger Series.

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