Permanent eSports Channel May Be Launched In Asia By ASTRO

 Permanent eSports Channel May Be Launched In Asia By ASTRO

There is a chance that ASTRO Malaysia Holding Bhd, Malaysia’s highest paid TV operator is ready to launch a permanent Esports based channel.

The company has already taken a step towards hosting Esports shows on TV as it does screen major Esport events on channel 808. The popularity of that channel has possibly made ASTRO realize the importance of Esports in television.

ASTRO has hosted many major Esports tournaments before. Their journey into the depths of the Esport world started last year when they hosted Valve’s 5th edition of the International in 2015. This became a clear success for the TV operator as it pulled a collection of 1.5 million views. Since then, they have started hosting tournaments for many other prestigious Esports titles including League of Legends, Hearthstone and StarCraft 2. As with all these broadcasts, the viewership numbers have been increasing and becoming more stable, which is exactly what they want.

Asia has been one of the regions that have slowly accepted Esports as a common thing over time. And now more than ever, revenues surrounding the projects is increasing. With many events focused towards the Asian community, including the DOTA 2 Manila Major being held next month will certainly require some sort of media coverage, and a TV channel may be the perfect way to pull it off.

One thing is for certain though. Esports enthusiasts already seem to have a stable means to viewing any cyber events through online livestreams. These platforms, including,, (for China), seem to be enough for what an average fan would need. Plus, with the increasing amounts of focus on internet based viewing of videos, TV shows and general media has made viewing television stale over the years, and many people these days usually use television to look at news or such.

Regardless of any issues, ASTRO will not be backing out. They claim they will eventually start expanding from MOBAs to other genre of games such as First Person Shooters and Fighting. ASTRO will be hosting the FIFA Interactive World Cup New York and Counter Strike: Global Offensive MLG Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.