Empire Replaced by Polarity in EPICENTER

 Empire Replaced by Polarity in EPICENTER

After all the hassle that Empire went through to build a new roster from scratch, they were swiftly disqualified from the EPICENTER tournament. To fill in the empty spot, Polarity has stepped in as a brand new squad, fresh out of the dust.

The EPICENTER: Moscow tournament was about to get underway when Empire’s disqualification was announced on 26th March publicly. However, the official announcement did not contain any mention as to which team would replace Empire. A Twitter update the next day by the official tournament account, confirmed the disqualification and the replacement.

“Polarity will be taking the place of @team_empire in EU Qualifiers. Their first game will be played on March, 29th against @prdota2.”

As the Tweet mentions, Polarity which was formed very recently, will take Empire’s spot. They will play their first game against Power Rangers Dota 2 on the 29th of April. Whoever wins this game will proceed to the next round to face Danish Bears. The loser will be moved down to the losing bracket and face either Na’Vi or Team Spirit.

The Shanghai major had brought up quite a lot of roster changes and shuffling. This caused things to get a tad bit haywire for EPICENTER’s organizers, forcing them to change up their tournament invites. The first team to get their invitation revoked was EHOME because they were being unable to give complete roster in time for visas to be processed. They were replaced by Team Liquid.

The second revocation was that of Empire because they changed their squad entirely from what they had when they were actually sent the invite. Remember that Empire had decided to build their team from scratch. Thus Polarity were brought in.

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