Ember Requires a new GM: Bao Lam Resigns

 Ember Requires a new GM: Bao Lam Resigns

Ember is one of the few League of Legends teams that made a rather positive first impression on League fans. The team entered the North American Championship Series with a big bang. Unfortunately, they left the tournament with as much of a bang.

With a team consisting of highly skilled players Colin ‘TheSoloKing’ Earnest, and William ‘stuntopolis’ Chen, fans expected the group to make it through the NA CS and earn a spot in the NA LCS.

The team had grown to the size of an organization under the management of Bao Lam as General Manager. In fact, they were the first team to offer their players salaries for their performances.

The semifinals of the NA CS however, was where Ember’s streak stopped. The team got knocked out in a surprising upset. With only a single split in the rest of the series, the failure was completely unanticipated. Ember’s confidence has definitely been brought down a few notches, with the NA LCS spot so close at hand, the loss was more of a throw.

The loss had hit General Manager Bao Lam pretty hard. He considered the loss his own failure and in a surprising Tweet, stepped down from his position. On March 15th, Bao Tweeted:

‘I’ve decided to step down from my role as GM. Winning is the number one thing a GM does and I failed.’

Goes to show the kind of commitment the guy had for the team he was managing. In addition to stepping down, Ember’s official Twitter page also put up a job posting. Ember is now hiring a new GM.

Bao is going to stick with Ember for a while as strategic consultant, primarily to allow for a smooth transition for the new GM.


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