Overwatch to be added to the E-league after CS:GO

 Overwatch to be added to the E-league after CS:GO

The Counter Strike exclusive E-league,  which was announced last year as Turner’s venture in esports, has their sights on Overwatch. The televised league will be formed by two of the most influential brands in global media, Turner and WME | IMG. The E-league is two 10-week esports tournaments a year, televised live on TBS. It officially kicks off in summer 2016, featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has a total prizepool of $2.4 million—$1.2 million for each tournament.

In a recent Sports panel being hosted by Turner at the Southwest festival, (an event that combines film and interactive media as well as music and different topical genres) Stephen Ellis, an attendee announced the news on twitter that E-league has its sights set on Overwatch, a first person shooter game, after Counter Strike.

Craig Barry, the Turner Sports executive vice president of production and chief content officer, did hint at something similar in an interview with”The Daily Dot”:

“We’re not locked to a specific intellectual property (IP), so whether the next IP is Dota 2—and this is all hypothetical obviously, there’s nothing in mind— or whether it’s a Blizzard title, whatever we feel lends itself to the best possible experience on our platforms, I think that is ultimately going to be the driver.”

So while this announcement is not completely out of the blue for fans, it’ll be rather interesting to see the E-league take on another game and televise it. This will definitely appeal to fans of the game and people who’re looking forward to E-league televising esports.

The experience will definitely be worth the wait. In the interview with “The Daily Dot”, Craig Barry emphasized on  the E-league being covered at a national network level:

“Our approach to anything we do is at a national network level, and esports will be no different.”

It’ll be a surreal experience watching Turner slowly unravel all the aspects of the E-league, and we’re definitely tuned in for more news on the subject.


Vaneeza Sohail