Custom Game Mode Could be a Thing in HotS

 Custom Game Mode Could be a Thing in HotS

Popular culture MOBA gaming genre includes the ability to play in a variety of game modes. It’s fun to compete against players from across the globe. But MOBAs have to take a step further and introduce certain elements that an individual player can pick to make the game better for him/her. As such, ARAM (All Random All Mid) game mode is one that is found in almost all MOBAs. League of Legends has one and it’s quite popular. Now, Heroes of the Storm is going to be getting something similar as well.

Blizzard recently announced a new map for it’s latest MOBA HotS. The Lost Cavern will consist of a single lane and environmental elements. This kind of a map in a MOBA with 5 a side, makes the game a lot more engaging.

Unlike other game modes in HotS where a team has several objectives to choose from in order to win, Lost Cavern will have players go all-in to grab kills and ultimately destroy the enemy team’s core. There will be no side objectives. This map is for people who want to have a quick, short game.

According to the announcement, the Lost Cavern will only be available in the custom mode. All it takes to set up is for the player to head over to the custom game section and select the map from the list.

HotS has gained a decent amount of popularity in a short time. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been long since its release, the MOBA already has its own championships and leagues. Blizzard made the right move handing a little power over to the players to choose how they play. Dare we say that this is a step towards an actual map editor?

MOBA players these days wish for all sorts of customizations It is essential for character and item skins to be customizable so that the player may remain engaged in the game. It gives a sense of personalization. Being able to select from a variety of maps or edit default ones could become popular as well, if implemented right.

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