CS:GO, Opportunities For All

 CS:GO, Opportunities For All

Another league has been kicked off for CS:GO. Razer, Rising Stars League has been created solely for the purpose of giving rising CS:GO teams more exposure. Today was the initiation of the League and Europe is the first region that has joined.

CS:GO, after its launch became one of the most played first person shooters. It wasn’t surprising that numerous tournaments and championships began spawning for the game. This allowed for a select number of teams to rule the warzones. It is important, however, to keep the spirit of eSports intact and allow new players and teams the exposure they require to get to a certain level so they can compete.

Razer, Rising Stars League has been created with the agenda of bringing up-and-coming teams to a professional level, while awarding them properly for their skills.

The tournament holds a $20,000 prize pool, which is pretty decent considering the level of teams that will compete in it. 16 teams have been chosen to clash in the league for a shot at the 20k, as well as bragging rights of champions in that league.

The aim is to give the league enough reputation so that teams competing in it feel some sort of glory and pride.

The $20,000 prize pool is split up into all of the teams competing. The winner gets the highest portion of $10,000, 5,000 for second place, 3,000 for third place, 2,000 for fourth place, and the rest of the teams receive $500 for participation.

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