Na’Vi takes Counter Pit 2 home

 Na’Vi takes Counter Pit 2 home

The counter Pit Season 2 tournament had gone through a series of breakdowns in the form of technical and production issues. Although it’s seemingly difficult to digest a technical breakdown at an event that is literally computers. In any case, Na’Vi was able to take it all away by the end of the tournament.

Natus Vincere defeated Astralis 2 to 1 in the final of the Counter Pit 2 tournament, secured the trophy for themselves and went home with $40,000 in prize money.

Ladislav “Guardian” Kovacs is part of the Na’Vi team. The player is known for his spectacularly legend AWP skills. After a brilliant performance in all three games, the guy ended up with a total of 75 kills and only 38 deaths. Despite Kovacs’ poor performance at the last IEM Katowice tournament, he was able to get his game up to mark in CP 2. In fact, he was pretty much the reason why Na’Vi won the tournament.

Na’Vo was able to pretty much own the Danish squad in the first map, Train. They beat them 16 to 9. In the second map, Inferno, Astralis managed a decent comeback that balanced things out. Although Astralis was leading the second map, it did look like Na’Vi was going to make a deuce later on in the game. But Astralis was able to end it up at 16 to 12.

The final map, Mirage was supposed to be grueling and exciting. However, Na’Vi was able to pretty much dominate the game with both Terrorist and Counter Terrorist.

Na’Vi and Astralis will both probably be contesting in the next tournament, which will be the MLG Columbus. The tournament begins in two weeks. It is sponsored by Valve itself and holds a much larger prize pool of $1 million. Maybe both teams will face each other again.

Saad Usmani

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