Complexity Switches Up CS 1.6 Roster

 Complexity Switches Up CS 1.6 Roster

Complexity, in a recent Twitter status update, have announced that they will placing fRoD in the backseat, while Witmer will be trying out for his role in the team’s roster.

Danny FroD Montaner is a brilliant Counter Strike 1.6 player, known primarily for his AWP skills. He has been part of Complexity as their AWPer since December of 2015. Apparently, fRoD had been performing with mixed results rather than being consistent with his plays. This lead to the team deciding on moving Danny to a back-up role.

Shawn Witmer Taylor will be trying out as AWPer for Complexity for the next few weeks according to Jason Lake’s Tweet.

‘For the time being, @OfficialfRoD will be moved to back up. We will be trying out Whitmer in the AWP role for the next few weeks. #coLcs’

While fRoD had been holding the position of AWPer, his inconsistency had lead to him being moved to a rifleing position. When this happened, Rory dephh Jackson was moved to AWPing until fRoD regained his form.

Now that Witmer will be trying out for AWPing in the team, dephh can move back to his rifleing position.

The current active roster for Complexity now stands with Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson, Josh ‘Shinobi’ Abastado, Daniel ‘roca’ Gustaferri, Daniel ‘roca’ Gustaferri, and Joshua ‘sancz’ Ballenger. With Danny ‘fRoD’ Montaner as back-up.

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