CDEC Goes Through Roster Makeover

 CDEC Goes Through Roster Makeover

Considering the last season outcomes of matches and performances pertaining to them, DotA 2 squad, CDEC has decided to change up its current lineup. It makes sense that after some poor performances, they would want to do something like that, to an extent. However, CDED went ahead and replaced three of their main players.

This post-Shanghai Major transfer season will see 3 veterans enter CDEC. Zhang ‘Rabbit’ Wang, Yao ‘Yao’ Zheng, and Xie ‘Super’ Jun Hao will be asked to join the team to fill the space left out. This will leave behind two support players Liiu ‘Garder’ Xin Zhou, and Zhang ‘Q’ Yi. We are not entirely sure whether this is a smart move on CDECs part. Calling in veterans pays off only if the players in question have been in practice and are up to the mark. Team chemistry also plays a big role when changeups like these occur.

Of the three that were asked to leave, two have already found their new teams. Sun ‘Agressif’ Zheng will be joining LGD. This, while XZ will enter Team Newbee.

CDECs new roster has Zhang ‘Rabbit’ Wang, Xie ‘Super’ Jun Hao, China Yao ‘Yao’ Zheng, China Liu ‘Garder’ Xin Zhou, and China Zhang ‘Q’ Yi.

The decisions surprised fans at TI5, being placed at second although they went as wildcard qualifiers. However, the position changed drastically as the tournaments progressed. Their performances went through major slumps and had them finish at 5th-6th place at the Frankfurt Major and 13th-16th place at the Shanghai Major.

Seems like the decision to makeover did not exactly pan out as CDEC may have expected. However, the new team still needs a little more time to build proper chemistry and morale.

Saad Usmani

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