Azubu Now Basks in Exclusive Rights to ESL Content

 Azubu Now Basks in Exclusive Rights to ESL Content

Azubu and ESL Gaming agree to a mutually beneficial contract

Azubu recently struck a pretty sweet deal with ESL Gaming, granting them exclusive rights to content production and marketing for all ESL events. Everything from licensing, sales, and distribution will be handled by the live streaming platform.

The contract does not extend to exclusive streaming rights for all ELS eSports even. ESL One, ESL Pro League, IEM, and other events will still be brought live over a variety of channels. In fact, monopolizing live streaming would have probably done more damage than good. Imagine the only platform streaming a LoL match-up goes down when at the wrong time.

Esports has received a splendid amount of glory and recognition over the past few years, and it was about time too. The best part about such a culture is that the entire community can be immersed into it. Azubu and ESL would probably be getting their money’s worth from this 2-year deal, but so is the gaming community.  Azubu is quite popular for its seamless stream and content production capacity, and ESL seeks to place trust in an organization that can deliver to the community.

According to the Senior Vice President of ESL’s sales and business wing, Nik Adams, bringing the community together is key to growth for the organizations involved, as well as the industry.

“As eSports continue to grow exponentially all over the world, drawing larger audiences who want to immerse themselves in the games, experiences and lifestyle, it becomes increasingly important for us to partner with the best platforms to provide access to our events as well as more value to brands who want to reach those audiences.”

Azubu does however have fierce competition in the form of Twitch and YouTube. Twitch being one of the largest video game streaming platforms. YouTube being, well, part of Google. But Azubu continues to enjoy the support of ESL as Nik Adams suggested, “Azubu’s reach, user experience and passionate dedication to the eSports lifestyle are second to none.”

If you’ve recently googled Azubu, you’ll notice that Azubu 3.0 is in the works and it looks decently sweet. Cleaner, tidier, and seamless. They have given the interface quite the makeover. You can test it out for yourself here. The website allows beta testing for users to experience the new look and feel.

Azubu received a hefty financing of $59 million to get rid of the company’s debts. This points towards the perception that Azubu has not been able to perform quite well in the past few years. Perhaps content exclusivity rights for ESL events will be the kick-start that Azubu needs to get up the ladder, and exponentially increase its worth and popularity.

Saad Usmani

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