Avenger Dota 2, Yes That’s a DotA Squad

 Avenger Dota 2, Yes That’s a DotA Squad

The Shaghai Majors were ecstatic in and of themselves. The games that kicked off in the tournament had a series off turn arounds and upsets. Now that the games are all said and done, numerous entities have popped up in the form of new teams. The Avengers Dota 2 is one of these.

While the Shanghai games showed quite a lot of team spirit and test of chemistry between players, it also lead to some unexpected roster change ups, substitutes and such. Between all of this, one the more prominent teams that were formed was the Avengers Dota 2 team.

The squad comprises of Black^ and vanskor, two well-known DotA 2 players. They finished up the squad by fitting in 3 more players and went on to participate at the WellPlay Invitational games. Surprisingly for a newly formed team, they performed quite well in the tournament. You would expect there to be a lack of chemistry and team play but it seemed like all 5 of the players were experienced enough to know what to do.

Usually, teams like these spring up from the urgency of roster lock deadlines. This is exactly what happened this time and as such, players were all over the place trying to pull teams together. Avengers Dota 2 was the result of this messing about.

The squad line up currently consists of Ivan ‘vanskor’ Skorohod, Dominik ‘Black^’ Reitmeier, Max ‘Shak’ Geibert, Riki ‘Buugi’ Falt, and Jonas ‘jonassomfan’ Lindholm.

The team is of a European mix that has done well in two series that they played in the WellPlay Invitational qualifiers. They were able to beat COOKISS and Team Bad English 2 to 0.

In a Twitter update, the new team showed their enthusiasm.

“Its time boys… we are well on our way this season! We take our first series win 2:0 against TBE in @d2wellplay !”

There are still a few days left in complete roster lock, which means we might see a few more teams pop up. Or even a couple of changeups in existing teams.

Saad Usmani

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