League Of Legends Competitive: Aurelion Sol, The Galaxy Has Arrived

 League Of Legends Competitive: Aurelion Sol, The Galaxy Has Arrived

A few more weeks and the Rift is going to be star-struck

Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger is the latest addition to the League of Legends’ champion roster. The champion is yet to be released publicly to League players. However, the official reveal page provides ample information and visuals to make a quick judgement. Here is our take on Aurelion and what he might bring to the Rift.

Aurelion’s background seems obvious. If you haven’t already watched the reveal video that came out, take a quick look here.  It pretty much sums up the fact that Aurelion is some sort of universe construct that has ‘returned’.

“They always look up in wonder, some fall to their knees in worship. Others hide behind walls and towers. But the thing they do best, is beg for mercy. It’s just adorable.”

The above words are what Aurelion himself narrates in the video. You would expect with a name like Aurelion, The Star Forger, he would at least be against global warming. But it seems like he’s coming back to destroy. There is probably still some lore that’s been left out; where exactly is Aurelion returning from?

Not so surprisingly, Aurelion’s passive includes 3 stars orbiting him, dealing damage magic when struck with.

His Q, Star Surge, is literally a tiny galaxy of stars that bursts after travelling a specific distance. The distance is defined by the outer orbit around Aurelion. What’s quite neat is the fact that he can travel with this rather slow Q and increase its size and effects. It stuns and bursts with an area of effect damage. Particularly useful in team fights.

The W, Celestial Expansion, is a toggle ability. Once activated, Aurelion’s 3 stars push outward into the last orbit with increased damage. This could come in handy to strike down an escaping enemy.

Aurelion’s E, Comet of Legend, is the perfect escape plan, if used right. Passively, the ability allows him to move faster in a single direction. Another useful ability to take down fleeing foes. Unfortunately, it also slows him down when he takes sharp turns. This factor could be a killer.

The ability stacks momentum in the form of Escape Velocity. These stacks can be triggered, allowing Aurelion to lift himself into the air and soar above everything, literally. The downside is, he can’t turn while using this ability. If timed, right, he can perform lethal ganks, the enemy won’t even see it coming.

Honestly, Aurelion’s Ultimate, Voice of Light, is a tad bit disappointing. Kind of reminded us of Vel’Koz. In fact, Vel’Koz’s Ultimate is probably better because it lasts longer and can be redirected.

Aurelion lights up a set path with a wave of starfire. The beam pushes back enemies that are very close to Aurelion, damaging and slowing all those struck. Perhaps the plus is that the beam can go through enemies like Lux’s Ultimate. The path distance is too short and frankly, the name isn’t too catchy either.

Consider Aurelion as more of an Anvia rather than a Shyvanna. You would want to keep a safe distance and focus on team fights. The Star Forger will probably not be able to last long in 1 VS 1 battles. We will know for sure once we get our hands dirty after the release, but will this shape the meta? Only time will tell that story.

Saad Usmani

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