Alpha Gaming Sign Former Team123

 Alpha Gaming Sign Former Team123

With the eSports scene for Counter Strike Global Offensive ever rising, more and more organizations are being formed. The goal being competition, teams keep springing up, climbing ladders to reach bigger platforms. A lot of times, veteran players form up their own squads or are brought into new ones. Larger organizations with capital and a vision for eSports, keep an eye out for talent and sign up entire teams, setting them up to compete in leagues.

Recently, Alpha Gaming popped up in the eSports scene for CS:GO. The entity is only just in its initial phases and it has already signed up its CS:GO team. Former Team123 will now be playing under Alpha Gaming. Although many of us might not have heard the name, Team123 has been participating in several leagues and cups. The squad has its own set of veterans and fresh talent.

Danny ‘Berry’ Kruger has played for SK Gaming for a long while until he and the squad announced that he would be dropping out. Another member of SK Gaming, Rasmus ‘SandeN’ Sanden left a bit later after Berry, particularly to join together with former team member Nikolaj ‘holzt’ Holst. With Christian ‘rezex’ Bjerregaard and Daniel ‘mertz’ Mertz, Alpha Gaming was able to finish up its roster.

With this lineup, the organization will be able to compete in the Global Offensive Champions League. But before it gets there, it will be taking part in the Copenhagen Games. Hopefully, they finish at a good place there and make a name for themselves.

The roster for Alpha Gaming includes Danny “BERRY” Krüger, Rasmus “SandeN” Sanden, Nikolaj “holzt” Holst, Christian “rezex” Bjerregaard, and Daniel “mertz” Mertz.

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