Ahri Is a Better Support Than You Think

 Ahri Is a Better Support Than You Think

Before you start flaming right off the bat, consider setting the old metas aside for a while. Every champion can be played almost everywhere. All you need is a little skill, and then a lot of skill. Alright, maybe not. All you really need to make any sort of lane work with any champion is to figure out what works best.

For Ahri, all you need to master for a support role to work, is her poking abilities. Not a lot of rocket science there. Cast her E and cast her Q. Time it right, and you got yourself decent damage. Just make sure your ADC follows when you poke.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Get a Spellthief’s Edge. Ahri has a lot of poke power. The range on her basic attacks will get you your gold. So will the range on her Q. Don’t steal your ADC’s minions and keep him/her happy. Wait for your E and W. Once level 3, it’s actually time to do some serious damage. Ping your ADC to get ready. It’s not even funny how easy it is to stun an enemy with Ahri as support. They just don’t expect it. E, Q, W, and that’s half of a hitpoint bar, hopefully your ADC can follow through if he isn’t flaming over your choice of champions.

It’s important to get as much AP as you can on Ahri, but do not deviate from finishing your Frost Fang. Try to get your first back only after you’re level 6. By then you should have enough for a boot as well as some AP. Potions are a must, 2 at least.

With Ahri’s ultimate ready, it’s more than easy to catch the enemy ADC off guard. R, E, Q, W. It does not get easier than that. However, this is the part where your skill as Ahri come into play. Do not let your ultimate go to waste. Position yourself right using R, and cast E, boom.. love at first sight. The important thing is to time it right, while making sure your ADC is close by.

Here’s the thing. The fact that you’re Ahri as support, puts you in the limelight at bottom. This means you will be targeted often by the opposing duo. Use that to your advantage. Wait for the right moment while being targeted, cast your E, but make sure your ADC is close by. Ahri’s Q scares the crap out of people. It travels through enemies and comes back, dealing damage.

In case things go south, tell your ADC to stay under the turret. Attempt to stun the enemy with your E while remaining under the turret. Get some gold with pokes, but stay safe. If all goes well, move forward with the Frost Fang, then build the usual Ahri items. Play around with a little cooldown reduction, then go for Deathcap and so on.

With Ahri, it’s all about timing her E. You get that right and she can be a stellar support. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Give her a shot, if anything, it’ll be fun. We have used her as support in ranked games and come out with good results. Videos will be posted soon.

Saad Usmani

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