adreN to Take a Shot at Team SoloMid Spot

 adreN to Take a Shot at Team SoloMid Spot

Team SoloMid came out of hiatus after recruiting 3 CS: GO veterans and a set of pro rookies into their North American CS: GO team. Unfortunately for the organization, it had to let go of one of the rookies who hadn’t performed so well.

To get back up on its feet and compete with some of North America’s best CS: GO teams, Team SoloMid decided to try out another veteran. This particular veteran belonged to Team Liquid. Eric adreN Hoag is a former Team Liquid AWPer and in-game lead who figured it was time to pick up the sniper again.

Team Liquid’s Facebook page formally announced adreN’s venture in a status.

‘It’s been a quiet period for Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag ever since the qualifier in Columbus for the 2016 MLG Columbus Major. We’re now happy to say that Eric will be doing an official tryout over at Team SoloMid and competing with them in the CEVO Season 9 Circuit in the coming weeks.’

According to the rest of the update, adreN will play the MLG North American major with Team Liquid. This is because of a roster lock required to compete in the tournament. After that however, he will be joining Team SoloMid should he pass the trial. On the other hand, Team Liquid will be replacing adreN with a former rival, Kenneth Koosta Suen.

The Cevo Season 9 circuit will serve as adreN’s official tryout for Team SoloMid. If all goes well, he will be replacing pro rookie Daniel vice Kim who left after failed tryouts at MLG major.

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