15 Year Old Grabs $25k in Hearthstone Americans Winter Championship

 15 Year Old Grabs $25k in Hearthstone Americans Winter Championship

The Hearthstone Americans Winter Championship initially had qualifications tournaments that lasted months. After this grueling phase, a 128 player final decided who won. Only one was supposed to make it out. William “Amnesiac” Barton was the teen wonder-boy who made it out to hog the $25,000 prize pool for himself.

Amnesiac is Team Archon’s 15-year old member. The tournaments saw a series of turn of events that eventually lead to William winning the finals.

After starting off in one of the harder groups of the tournament, William was able to barely defeat Talion in a 3-2 match. Unfortunately, he lost to Nostam who ended up taking top place in the group. In order to make it through the group, William had to defeat Talion one more time.

The following match ups lead to Nostam and William facing one another again, this time in the finals. The match that followed was intense. Game one saw the 15-year old own the grounds with his Druid. After losing one of the games to Nortam’s Druid, William completed his win with his own Warrior deck.

Grabbing this title allowed William to claim the first spot in the 2016 World Championships. Now he has to go through 15 world class players to have a shot at winning the $1 million grand prize.

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