Vulcun In Hot Water As FTC Charges Company With Hijacking Computers And Mobiles

 Vulcun In Hot Water As FTC Charges Company With Hijacking Computers And Mobiles

Vulcun, the popular eSports betting website has been in hot waters quite a lot recently. The company recently made the negative headlines after laying off almost one-fourth of its staff and looks like it is not over for them just yet.

FTC has recently released a report which claims that the company used their own private advertisement delivery network (which has more than 200,000 people at the time) to automatically install applications onto their mobile devices without consent. The whole scenario kicked off back in 2014 when Vulcun bought a popular browser game extension by the name of Running Fred and then replaced the application by their own app named Weekly Android Apps and Apps by Cindy. The existing users of the old application were not informed of the change and it happened automatically. The complaint also mentions that after the replacement, the program’s code was used to install applications onto the consumer’s device without consent and that the installed program would reinstall itself if deleted and would also “bombard them with advertisements”. While the complaint does not have any direct relationship with Vulcun’s core business as of right now, it certainly brings about negative publicity and also provides an insight on the company’s practices.

However, shortly after the complaint, the company’s management released a statement on the matter and explained their position. The post says that the claim by FTC has “multiple inaccuracies” and that the application downloads were only done after the express opt-in of the user and that nothing is installed without their consent. They added that some of the users forgot after opting into the new program and ended up leaving negative reviews on the concerned application page. He also said that following the bad reviews (which were not their fault in any way), they decided to shut down the program since they considered it to hard the user’s experience. He also said that they shut down the program long before the FTC jumped in and that the FTC did not stop the events from happening in anyway.

You can check out the full response from Vulcun over here in an official blog post. Also, let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor