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Team SoloMid Looks To Step Into The Call Of Duty eSports Arena With Rush eSports

Team SoloMid has recently announced that the organization is entering the Call of Duty eSports arena and is going to mark its first entry into the Call of Duty World League.

According to recent reports, it looks like Team SoloMid has bought out Rush eSports and is looking to enter the competitive Call of Duty ground with their newly acquired team. Team SoloMid has come to be one of the big names in the eSports scene today and has grown to support many different games after initially forming a League of Legends eSports team back in 2011. The team’s most recent endeavors include a Counter Strike Global Offensive and Super Smash Bros team. Recently in December 2015, the team started accepting applications for Counter Strike and Call of Duty but while the Counter Strike team started off earlier this year, the Call of Duty World League left them behind.

Rush eSports’ co-founder, Delane Parnell said that while he is not going to disclose the amount of money involved in the deal, he is happy to report that the team’s founders were “very happy” with the whole transaction. Parnell also revealed that while he was in Rush eSports’ management, it looks like Team SoloMid is not going to retain him for his services and while some players “had advocated for him”, Team SoloMid is “still figuring it out”. He added that the players of Rush eSports are happy and comfortable with the salaries offered to them by Team SoloMid and that all of the players had to agree to the move before the deal was initiated. The team hopes to upkeep Team SoloMid’s name in the Call of Duty eSports arena and said that they are looking at many opportunities to expand with Team SoloMid.

The team is going to play from Team SoloMid’s side for the first time at next week’s UMG South Carolina. But that is for the short term. For the longer term, what happens of Rush eSports, that depends upon the decision making of Team SoloMid.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you excited for Team SoloMid in Call of Duty eSports? Let us know in the comments below.


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