Rocket League: The Way Forward Is A Move Into The eSports Industry


Popular developer Psyonix is looking to enter the world of eSports with its fast-paced soccer-with-cars game called Rocket League. The game has been well received ever since its initial release and now that the game is coming to the Xbox One as well, Psynoix’s next step is to enter the world of competitive gaming with Rocket League.

The news came in by way of a recent podcast with Microsoft’s Larry Hryb. Psyonix’s top level executive, Jeremy Dunham said that the developer is going to go forward with its eSports strategy and added that the move is going to be “very good for the game”. He said that the company has been overwhelmed by the amount of players the game has been receiving and are impressed with the player base of the game. He said that they plan to continue with the support for the community and are going to bring in more free and paid content for the game for everyone to enjoy.

During the podcast, when the conversation went to the point of future plans for the game, Dunham revealed that they have planned to jump into the eSports arena with Rocket League and said that while they did not initially plan to go this way, the strong community and the number of broadcasters playing the game on media streaming websites such as Twitch has prompted them to work on such possibilities. He added that while he cannot reveal what they have planned for the future as of right now, the things that they are planning are going help the game flourish and is also going to help them expand the franchise overall.

Personally, we think that the idea of Rocket League being featured at an eSports event is great and the game has reached that level of spread to become a worldwide eSports participant. That being said, it is going to be interesting to see how the game actually plays out at big events and also the number of participants that it is going to see.

As always, stay tuned for all of the latest news from the world of eSports and let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Rocket League is now available for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC and is set to release on the Xbox One February 17.