Pokken Tournament to make its major tournament appearance at Hypespotting V

 Pokken Tournament to make its major tournament appearance at Hypespotting V

Pokken Tournament, a two player fighting game that fuses Bandai Namco’s Tekken series with the Pokemon franchise, is making its major tournament appearance at Hypespotting V. The HYPE event, as described by organizers as the largest of its kind in UK, plans to welcome Pokken Tournament to Glasgow. This new release, that primarily features 16 playable Pokemon, is optimized to focus more on action rather than the technicality that arises from fighting games. Needless to say, the fighting game community has taken a lot of interest in it.

The Nintendo UK official stream channel, will stream the invitational Pokken tournament live from Hypespotting on Saturday, 2nd April. The Hypespotting weekend of 2nd-3rd April offers an open Pokken tournament on Sunday, featuring prizes to the participants, all on the offer courtesy of Nintendo.

This event has quite possibly strengthened the relationship between Hypespotting and Nintendo, since the latter has sponsored its very first Hypespotting event. With this initiative, a wider audience is being catered to, encompassing a large variety of fans. The hype combination that is Nintendo and Hypespotting, forms a platform that interests a number of gamers from the active Tekken community as we as some of the more ardent Pokemon fans.

The event promises to showcase top tier players from all around the world. With hints at the toughness of the competition and fierce matches, only time will tell as to who some of the best players in the world are. Located at the Hilton Hotel near the Glasgow city center, it will host the biggest gaming event of the UK in the fighting community.

A bonus side to all the events is the livestreaming aspect of it, so even if you can’t be there in the flesh, you can capture the fantastic victories and the salty loses live. This was first reported by Versus Scotland on the Hypespotting V Facebook page

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Vaneeza Sohail