Martin Shkreli Owes $75,000 For His eSports Endeavors Says New Report

 Martin Shkreli Owes $75,000 For His eSports Endeavors Says New Report

Martin Shkreli is a well-known figure in the world today and possibly for all the wrong reasons. He has had many successful products in the world of pharmacy and most of you might know him because of the fact that he drastically increased the price of an AIDS curing drug. One of Shkreli’s investments included buying several teams in the world of eSports for many different games. While that did not end up pretty well for him, it looks like he still might have some debt remaining on his shoulders.

According to recent reports, it looks like some of Shkreli’s former team managers and players have said that they are allegedly owed roughly $75,000 in total for the time they had spent either playing or managing eSports teams for Shkreli. The debts in question mostly come in from his failed League of Legends team, Ex Nihilo and the team is popular for buying their spot into the European Challenger Series for LoL. At the time, when the team did not qualify to advance further into the competition, Shkreli used a loophole in the competition rules to buy out another team and claim their spot in the qualification rounds. But, the run did not end well as Ex Nihilo finished at the bottom of the standings and after the competition, Shkreli allegedly failed to pay the required amounts to his players and managers. The reports state that Shkreli owes $27,000 for his Ex Nihilo endeavors along with another $10,000 to the players of his former team.

While this news comes in as a shocker to many, old timers know that this is something of a regular occurrence in the eSports industry. Since the eSports industry is still in its infancy and there are not many regulations in place, owners often walk out on their teams without paying and something similar happened in 2014 when Sascha Ackerman left his eSports team, owing them around 10,000 Euros in payments for services offered. But, with all of that said, perusing legal action if you are an eSports player is something we do not see happening in the industry today. However, Shkreli is going to stand trial on February 3 for securities fraud among other charges so we will have to wait and watch on how that pans out.

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Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor