Lawsuit Against Martin Shkreli For Failing To Pay E-Sports Coaching Fees

 Lawsuit Against Martin Shkreli For Failing To Pay E-Sports Coaching Fees

A video game pro player from Nevada has become the latest person to sue Martin Shkreli, one of the internet’s most hated people of late 2015.

Rohit Nathani, the pro player has sued Shkreli in Manhattan trial court for not paying him $25,000 worth of coaching fees. In the suit he claims Shkreli’s Maelstrom Gaming LLC had agreed to pay a total sum of $30,000 to Nathani for coaching ‘Team Imagine’; but Shkreli has only paid $5,000 so far.

Team Maelstrom is said to be co-owned by Gerard Kelly and the suit names Kelly and Team Maelstrom as defendants. It claims that Nathani was promised to be paid for his coaching for the popular MOBA game “League of Legends”.

Nathani goes by name of CurryshotGG in the League of Legends community, and is a common name amongst gaming blogs and coaching circles. As the e-Sports scene develops further, it’s important to make sure things like these don’t happen again; is it’s not only bad for individuals, but for the whole community.

“It is incredibly unfair, given the growth of the industry, that nonpayment is still such a serious issue” says Nathani’s lawyer Roger R. Quiles.

Currently, Shkreli’s lawyer fails to comment on this suit. Shkreli has a lot on his plate already, as he’s in court for allegedly stealing from his former company Retrophin Inc. He also became the cause for national outrage as his company hiked the price of an AIDS drug up 5500%. Because of this he not only created a bad name for himself, but for his company and the investments he had made in other ventures, which includes e-Sports.

The case, Nathani v. Maelstrom Gaming et al, #650852/2016 will be held in Manhattan trial court.