FEST Lyon 2015 Prize Money Has Not Been Distributed Up Till Now Says New Report

 FEST Lyon 2015 Prize Money Has Not Been Distributed Up Till Now Says New Report

The eSports industry is still in its infancy. This infant, unregulated ground has led to many people not upholding their obligations and payments and since there is not much recognition for professional gamers as of right now, perusing a legal battle in the world of eSports is something unheard of. Today, we come across another such example from the world of eSports.

According to recent reports, it looks like one of the major French eSports competitions, FEST Lyon is under the negative light today. Reports allegedly state that the organizers of the event, which saw the attendance of many of the world’s top eSports organizations, has yet to pay “tens of thousands” in prize money that it owes to the winners of the competition.

The FEST Lyon 2015, which featured the likes of Team Liquid, Tempo Storm and Team Dignitas going head to head in nail biting battles spanned across various games was one of the biggest competitions seen in recent times. Reports state that none of the prize pool of 30,000 Euros has been distributed by the organizers and while they had made multiple promises for payment, none of them have been fulfilled so far and there is very little contact from the hosts on the matter.

The FEST Lyon took place on July 11, 2015. The competition included several high profile games including League of Legends, StarCraft and Hearthsotone which each of them having a prize pool of 10,000 Euros each. The event was problematic from the very start and some of the teams had to wait until the last day to see their flights booked. While the event went on smoothly in general, seven months after the event, the prize money that they are owed is nowhere in sight and the eligible player have given up on the hope that they are going to receive the money.

With that said, the eSports industry is continuing to grow rapidly. However, such payment disputes are very common and are also on the rise. This is only one of the few disputes that have been brought to public attention in recent times and there needs to be some sort of regulatory framework in place if the industry is to sustain the rapid growth it is seeing right now.

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Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor