The competition was heavy last night as the players battled it out in the Heroes of The Storm spring championships. After an elongated duration of tough matches, King of Blades Alpha and NomNomNom beat out the competition to qualify for the Spring Regional in LA on February 27-28. Now, finally all eight teams are ready to battle it out in LA.

KoB Alpha’s skill and strength was vibrant as they beat out all of the competition in the winners bracket. Despite 2ARC and Resurgence’s promising efforts in which they took a game off KoB Alpha, they weren’t able to quite get the job done. Resurgence’s loss in the winners bracket finale guaranteed them a place in the losers bracket finale, giving them one final chance to make it to the LAN in LA.

NomNomNom surprisingly lost the first round 0-2 against oVo sending them to the losers bracket. Still, NomNomNom was able to regroup in the losers bracket and win out nonetheless. In the loser’s bracket semi-final NomNomNom beat oVo 2-0, a quality show of strength over oVo. in the losers bracket finale, Resurgence and Nom were tied 1-1 but technical difficulties occurred in the final game. Resurgence player Equinox had internet connection problems so Resurgence’s coach had to take over and play the deciding game #3 as a replacement. However, despite many efforts, Resurgence lost this game, losing their shot at the $100,000 prize pool in LA.

Later this month, the final eight teams from four qualifiers are headed to the eSports Arena in Los Angeles. Later this month, the final eight teams from four qualifiers are headed to the eSports Arena in Los Angeles. Rivals Bob Ross Fan Club and Cloud9 were the first two teams to qualify. After that, Tempo Storm and COGnitive qualified in the second qualifier. In the third qualifier, Team Blaze and Panda Global beat out KoB Alpha and NomNomNom respectively.

Despite the prize pool being large, tension between teams will brew also due to the unadulterated aspect of revenge. Every team has something to prove through their skill and gameplay but only one will beat out the rest and be crowned the champion. 


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