EHOME Sweeps First Prize At MarsTV Dota 2 League S2

 EHOME Sweeps First Prize At MarsTV Dota 2 League S2

After Evil Geniuses battled it out with OG in the lower bracket finals of MarsTV Dota 2 League Season 2, they were faced against EHOME in the grand finals. EHOME has been playing quite consistent, and plowing through other teams in the upper bracket of the tournament. It was only high time that they win a LAN for themselves.

Evil Geniuses have been ending up in grand finals a lot recently, and this time it’s no exception say they rose from the lower bracket and went head to head with EHOME in the grand finals.

The series was a Best Of Five, and the matches went something like this,

Cty and Old chicken from EHOME had plenty of firepower to face EG, by having a strong grip on their Ursa and Lina plays respectively. They eventually ended up taking them down and scoring an early lead with teamfighting oriented tactics.

In the second game, a lot of pressure was resting on Arteezy’s carry Morphling. Even after they gained an advantage, weren’t able to take down EHOME because their Lone Druid was equipped with items such as Radiance, Maelstorm and Assault Cuirass. EHOME ended up taking them down once again, making the series 2-0 in┬átheir favor.

In the third game, Evil Geniuses swiftly got rid of the Lone Druid in the ban phase; but EHOME had something else up their sleeve as they favored first-picking Earth Spirit. As the game transitioned from mid to late, it finally looked like EG was playing it’s cards right and getting an advantage. Even though both the teams’ outer towers were demolished, Cty was enjoying an incredible amount of farm and space on his Morphling, compared to what Arteezy was getting last game. A last roshan battle ensued where all but one member of Team EG were out, and in the end UNiVeRSE’s Faceless Void stood no chance against Cty.

At last, as MarsTV Dota 2 League S2 comes to an end, EHOME takes home a hefty prize of $124,000. Evil Geniuses took $55,000 with them as second place. In third place was OG, picking up $27,400 for themselves. All in all, this tournament showed us the potential of the new patch, and how teams are able to get away with sick builds and unorthodox hero combinations much easily.