Team Empire Sweeps BTS Series Europe #2

 Team Empire Sweeps BTS Series Europe #2

After a tough battle, Team Empire is victorious against team London Conspiracy in the BTS Series Europe #2 qualifiers.

Team Empire did not lose a single game throughout the tournament, and cleared through teams Mango Manians and Burden United to reach the grand finals. At the grand finals they had to face off London Conspiracy, and once again after a fierce 3 matches Team Empire was victorious with a 3-0, not dropping a single game to their name.

After the departure of Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok from the team, Empire had to use Team Power Rangers’ fn to get them through most of the tournament. And it seems like they could not have picked a better stand-in because the matches played by the team and synergy between all five players was exceptionally well in almost all games.

Funn1k’s supporting skills were highlighted as he had to pair up with NoFear in accordance of XBOCT picking up the mid role. ALOHADANCE picked up the mantle of carry and showed a great performance. The shuffling of roles which proved successful shows how versatile all of these experienced players are in terms of gameplay.

The final standings for BTS Series Europe #2 are as follows;