DOTA 2 Competitive Tournament Overview For February 2016

 DOTA 2 Competitive Tournament Overview For February 2016

As MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter 2015 comes to an end, so does the month of January. But at the same time, an action packed February awaits us. Here’s the latest competitive Dota 2 updates for this month.


The Shanghai Major – Group StageShanghai Major

Valve’s 2nd Dota 2 Major, being held in Shanghai and thus named the Shanghai Major (or Winter Major) begins its group stage sometime this month. It’s going to be a blast with teams coming from the direct invites and open qualifiers, as they will battle it out for the main event. We also have some new faces like Team Spirit and Team Liquid and oldies such as Fnatic and compLexity Gaming; all of which have come from the qualifiers and will be trying to unleash their full potential to gain their fanbase back.

DotaCinema’s Captains Draft 3.0Captain's Draft

DotaCinema returns with another iteration of it’s fun and challenging tournament, Captains Draft 3.0. Teams that are directly invited and qualify are to play the whole tournament in Captains Draft mode only. This makes for some interesting and hilarious hero combinations and shifts the whole game into a lighter tone, where meta isn’t everything. In addition to this players have to think quick to come up with new and epic combinations for their hero pool. The last versions of DotaCinema’s Captains Draft were played out perfectly, and players, viewers and casters enjoyed it. This time, we’re sure it’s going to be a lot more fun and help make the environment a little lighter.

WePlay League Season 3WePlay League Season 3

With a huge prize pool of $200,000; WePlay League is back with Season 3 after two years. Teams that are directly invited to the LAN finals will have to battle it out against teams that have proved themselves from the qualifiers. The top teams in qualifiers from each region are as follows:

  • EU West – Team Liquid
  • EU East – Team Empire
  • SEA – MVP Phoenix
  • Americas – Team InFamous

DotaPit League Season 4Dota Pit Season 4

The fourth installation in the series of tournaments brought to you by DotaPit is here. The prize pool starts at $100,000 and will increase as people purchase the tournament tickets (of which 25% of sales go to the prize pool) and the sets from DotaPit treasure chests (of which 10% of sales go to the prize pool). A round robin type styled online qualifiers and group stage will take place where the winners will advance forward. Evil Geniuses,, OG, and Team Secret have ensured a direct invite to the tournament and coL and MVP.Phoenix have secured their spots in regional qualifiers. Two more spots are to be filled as regional qualifiers come to an end.

BTS SeriesBTS Series

BeyondTheSummit is back with their regional tournament series, dubbed the BTS Series which will be played in SEA, Europe and the Americas. Prize pool is up to $180,000. A smaller scale tournament happening in the side lines as top-tier teams focus on bigger tournaments such as the Shanghai Major ensures that many new faces and rookie teams will get the chance to prove themselves to people in the realm of Dota 2.

With The International 2016 coming up later this year, it’s hard to say whether teams will be showcasing their strategies and tactics just yet for lesser prize pools. The increase in monthly tournaments allows the curtains to disappear for rookie teams and we can possibly see new rising talent coming our way . Regardless, there is a lot of fun heading your way this February if you enjoy a good evening of watching Dota 2.