DOTA 2 Client Update 4th Feb 2016 – 88.7 MB Bug Fixes and UI Tweaks

DotA 2


DOTA 2 Client Update 4th Feb 2016

Total Size: 79.1 MB without Tools

Gameplay Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where in-game chat would sometimes display the incorrect hero on a chat line
  • Fixed bug where home screen panels could overlap
  • Fixed the Winter Battle Pass emoticons not appearing in-game
  • Fix Tournament replays showing that they are ‘Source 1’ only


UI Updates

  • The front page custom game of the day is changed to include “game of the day”


Other Updates

  • dota_use_animated_inventory_icons <0/1>

Enables/disables viewable effects on items such as Mjollnir.

The update mainly features bug fixes, and has a total size of 79.1 MB without tools and 88.7 MB with tools. The official changelog for the update can be found here.