DOTA 2 Client Update 11th & 13th February 2016 – Bug Fixes, Economy & Workshop Updates

 DOTA 2 Client Update 11th & 13th February 2016 – Bug Fixes, Economy & Workshop Updates

Valve has released two new updates for DOTA 2, one on the 11th of February and the other today, on the 13th. The first update consists mainly of small gameplay updates and the addition of the Winter 2016 Treasure III; while the latter consists of small backend changes and bug fixes.

Update #1 (February 11th, 2016)

Total Size: 153.2 MB without Tools.

Gameplay Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Fog of War culling radius on some item-granted teleport effects to match the default effect size.
  • Fixed an occasional crash on Mac OS X when certain keys were pressed.
  • Spectre’s Spectral Dagger no longer procs Lotus Orb during secondary collisions.
  • Fixed a rare crash when popping up an inventory item tooltip.

Economy & Tournament Updates

ADDED: Winter 2016 Treasure III

The chest comes at a price of $2.49. It includes:


Extra styles for path completion bonuses have been unlocked and made available to players.

UI Updates

Winter Compendium & Battle Pass:

Chinese broadcast team updates in compendium.


Small icon to indicate whether an item is infusable has been added to the battle pass page.

Gameplay version updated to 6.86c from 6.86b in the About tab.

Workshop Updates

  • While submitting items, workshop creators have to specify where the animations and particles originate and end.
  • Added a few custom animations for models.
  • UI updates to support secondary units i.e. Lycan’s wolves.
  • Other strings corrected for typos.

Update #2 (February 12th, 2016)

Total Size: 82.5 MB with Tools.

Gameplay Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • Small backend updates
  • New Lone Druid set visuals fixed

Economy & Tournament Updates

  • Currency exchange rates update for EUR, JPY, MXN, ZAR

UI Updates

  • Treasure III added to the preview set rotation box on the front page
  • Small backend update to pop-ups in the main client.