Call of Duty Amateur League Announced; Cash Prizes Up For Grabs

 Call of Duty Amateur League Announced; Cash Prizes Up For Grabs

Call of Duty has been of the most popular games in the world of competitive eSports. The game has been at the center of many gaming events and has possibly been one of the oldest titles in the world of competitive gaming after Counter-Strike and others. In light of the popularity gained by Call of Duty, there has been another tournament announced for Call of Duty competitive gaming after the original Call of Duty Pro league.

According to recent reports, it looks like there has been a Call of Duty amateur league announced aside the Pro league. The new division is going to feature low-tier and amateur players which is going to bring them into the spotlight and in-line with other professional gamers. The amateur league will also serve as a podium for the better players of the lot to stand out and extend their career to the actual gaming elite and is going to help them earn their place in the pro league.

During the past two years, eSports has rapidly expanded in the world of competitive sports as a whole and has become an actual form of sports at many major events such as the recent X Games from ESPN. What is more interesting is that Call of Duty still ranks among the most valuable of all of the eSports and stands aside Dota 2 and League of Legends as one of the most played eSports games.

Amateur tournaments like these are going to help differentiate the gamers out there who have the potential to pursue a career into professional gaming from the everyday Call of Duty players who just think that they can play a good game and put up a competitive fight. These kinds of amateur tournaments are going to help those who win prizes work their way up the ladder to the top tier professional gaming league which is the Call of Duty World league right now. For those who are unaware, the Call of Duty World Championship has a prize pool of a massive 1 million US Dollars and this is just one of the many different opportunities that are available to professional gamers out there.

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Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor