Bundesliga Football Team Looks To Enter The World of eSports With Two New Signings.

 Bundesliga Football Team Looks To Enter The World of eSports With Two New Signings.

It looks like soccer is the next game to have a crack at the world of eSports. The industry which is rapidly growing with many big names entering the field is set to welcome soccer (or football as they call it in the UK) as the next eSports game. Interestingly, the entity interested in soccer eSports this time is rather one who is actually in the game and might surprise you.

Recent reports are suggesting that one of the top teams in the world of the German Bundesliga, Wolfsburg has signed two new players to their squad. But these two new players are not your regular football players. While they are football players, they do not play actual football but rather break a leg in EA Sports’ FIFA. The two hires in Wolfsburg are going to be the spearhead of the football club’s efforts into the world of eSports.

One of the new hires, David Bytheway recently spoke with BBC and said that he is going to wear the official Wolfsburg gear and is going to be the best representation of the football club in both online matches and in-person tournaments as well. He added that he wanted to be the best out of his friends when playing at home and wants to continue the tradition when playing for Wolfsburg as well.

The reports also state that Bytheway will not have to move to German territory for his new job and said that he is going to continue staying at his current hometown in England. He said that while this is something completely new at this time, it is going to be the big thing in the next five years and he is going to be at the top of it all when it happens. The report does not mention the name of the other person that Wolfsburg has hired and we will have to wait for an official announcement to learn more about the club’s future plans and the way they are going to enter the world of competitive gaming.

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Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor