Australian eSports Organization Doesplay Fails To Pay Prize Money To Players

 Australian eSports Organization Doesplay Fails To Pay Prize Money To Players

The Call of Duty community in Australia is having the time of their lives right now. With the introduction of the Call of Duty world league in the country, players rejoice as one of the greatest platforms for the game’s professional tournaments are now available along with the massive prizes that are up on offer. But, while all of that is good and true, the year has also brought on its set of frustrations and problems as it looks like many of the eSports organizers in the country have been failing to pay out the prizes promised to the players.

According to a recent report by Kotaku, Doesplay, an esports organization based out of Queensland hosted a couple of paid and free gaming tournaments in the past year. The organization also offers a premium membership which allows player to participate in premium events and also increases the number of events they can participate in per day. However, the prize payouts are often neglected intentionally. The fiscal stress that the company is facing right now are very severe and has led to it cancelling a tournament that was supposed to be hosted this month and the funds set aside for the tournament are now being used to clear the unsettled debts.

The report state that the unpaid prizes so back as far as July 2015 and that the players have so far only received apologies from the company and its management and while the company’s management states that they are working with the players to clear their dues as soon as possible, the actual players have said that they have not received any sort of communication from the company and if they have received some sort of reply, they have not received any specific deadline as to when their dues are going to be cleared.

Such events have more or less become routine given the limited amount of regulations in place to prevent this kind of conduct and since legal action is practically unheard of in the eSports scene as of right now, these delays and refusals of payments are only going to grow until some sort of regulatory and legal system is in place to cater to eSports organizations and professionals.

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Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor